15 February 2009


For over 2 months we were treated to the wonderful works of over 40 local artists. And all of us want to extend the warmest thanks to all of the folks who shared their vision of the great neighborhood of East Somerville, as well as to the good people at Somerville City Hall and beyond, who helped make this groundbreaking exhibition a reality.

While the pictures are now off of the walls, East Somerville spins on. And we encourage you not only to continue your urban explorations and interpretations, but to make yourself a real part of our community.

For continuing information on new and creative things going on in E-So, please visit the East Somerville Main Streets website;


Thank you for everything! AND STAY IN TOUCH, OKAY?

23 November 2008

Interpreting East Somerville Opens

First, HUGE THANKS to everyone who came out Thursday evening for our Opening Reception!

There was a great crowd of participating artists, neighbors, media, Somerville luminaries, and art lovers. It was wonderful to experience such energy and support and interest from the community. A good time seems to have been had by all, what with making new friends and getting the first opportunity to tour the exhibition.

We hope that you will find the chance to come enjoy the diverse work of all of the talented photographers exhibiting (43 in all!). Early reviews (as well as eavesdropping on conversations at the Reception) have been great.

The Exhibition will run through January 2009.

We will be adding notes here as they come up. If you have any suggestions or comments about how we utilize this site, please let us know. (We're still trying to decide how much web stuff is needed.)

12 November 2008

Please Come To The Opening Reception !

To launch the Interpreting East Somerville exhibition, we are throwing a shindig Thursday November 20 from 5:30 to 7:30pm at Somerville City Hall. And you are invited!

There will be food, friends, Somerville illuminati, and great art! (and if you're a Somerville resident, you can pay your water bill while you're there.)

Somerville City Hall is located at 93 Highland Avenue.
There is plenty of parking outside, and is served by direct bus lines from both Davis and Lechmere T stations.

This will be a fun wonderful opportunity to meet many of the participating photographers, and be the first to tour this first-of-it's-kind exhibition.

Hope to see you there!

07 November 2008

Participating Artists Announced

An amazing collection of local artists have been chosen to share their work!

We hope that you can come and enjoy the diverse interpretations of the following photographers;

Penny Antonoglou • Eric Barry • Kelsey Bell • Jessica Brennan • Gloria Carrigg • Jingni Chen • Jane Cohen • Carrie Dancy • Leanne Darrigo • Capt. Mike Devereaux • Marshall Dury • Ellen Feldman • Lynn Gervens • Diego Guzmán • Melissa Haber Glenn • Keith Harris • Paul Harvey • Dana Iacopucci • Mark Jaquith • Jason Layne • Jeff Levine • Beth Linker • Katherine Moxhet • Deborah Pacini-Hernandez • Renee Polcaro • Ellin Reisner • Nicole Rioles • Bill Ritchotte • Brittany Sloan • Ellen Stoolmacher • Sean Sullivan • Ionna Tourkantonis • V Van Sant • Rob Vassegh • Laura Vivenzio • Christian Waeber • Cindy Weisbart • Joseph Wu • James Zall • Moises Zeylandia

28 October 2008

The Entry Period Has Closed, And . . .

We've gotten a whole bunch of wonderful submissions. It's going to be a great exhibition! We expect over 40 pieces to be shown.

The organizing and all of that stuff is going on now. We'll have a more formal announcement of everything very shortly.

In the meantime, please note that the opening date for the exhibition has been moved back to Thursday November 20. There will be an opening reception with many of the participating photographers, food and drink, and maybe even some live bossa nova. Mark your calendars!

And stay tuned to this space for info and details to be posted as soon as we know them!

13 September 2008

You are invited to be part of an exciting new photographic art experiment !

Interpreting East Somerville takes one neighborhood as its subject, and invites you to bring your perspective (and your camera!) and interpret what you see and how you see it.
The possibilities are as wide as your eye.

people discoveries houses changes streets gardens
motion family celebrations shapes lights mysteries
colors miracles sidewalks problems signs secrets
friends lines events windows you them interpretations

Show the world. Show your world. Deadline to enter is October 25, 2008.

Chosen entries will be exhibited throughout Somerville City Hall as part of a group show beginning November 20, 2008.

How To Enter

Interpreting East Somerville is a juried exhibit. Entries will be judged on originality, photographic quality, and how well the images capture a unique flavor or perspective of East Somerville. As many entries as exhibition space allows will be considered.

1. Take photos somewhere in East Somerville!

(Route 28 [McGrath Hwy] to the west and north, Route 93 [Expressway] to the east, Washington Street to the south.)

2. You can submit up to 3 pieces for consideration.

Either email digital images in jpg
format to:

or drop off or mail a CD of digital files or sample prints of film images to:

East Somerville Main Streets
114 Broadway Ste. 112

Somerville, MA 02145

(617) 623-3869

3. Include your name, address, phone and email, and any special information about your entry.

4. Entries must be submitted by the actual photographer, or a friend or relative. Contact info for both the photographer and the person submitting the work is required.

Chosen entries will be asked, if possible, to provide a high q
uality print of the final piece. Unless specified, chosen photos will be reproduced at an 8x10 size. Collages, digitally retouched photos, and multidimensional works will also be considered.

Deadline For Entries: October 25, 2008

Final selections will be exhibited, along with photographers credits, throughout the public concourses of Somerville City Hall beginning November 20, 2008.